How Does it Work?

  • Your brain sends signals down through your nervous system to control all the systems of your body including your muscular systems.
  • There are nerve sensors in your muscles that send signals, called "reflexes," to the brain telling it what the muscle is doing in order to coordinate movement.
  • When muscles undergo stress or injury, their sensors stop sending proper nerve reflexes to the brain.
  • These muscles then become neurologically short or weak causing improper joint movement through a process called "neurological inhibition" or "NI."
  • When muscles are in a state of neurological inhibition, they will not strengthen or stretch fully with exercise or rehabilitation.
  • "NI" may not always be immediately perceptible but it will eventually lead to links in the muscle movement chain that will lead to injury, pain and/ or deterioration.
  • Your Registered Trigenics Physician is fully trained to be able to detect neurological inhibition.
  • Once assessed, the Trigenist will have you lightly exercise using specific resisted movements during your treatment to generate your own neurological reflexes.
  • Through the application of a sophisticated combination of three neuromanual medicine techniques, the Trigenist will manipulate and redirect your nerve signals to effectively "reset" the way your brain communicates with your muscles and body.